Optimal health and well being is not just about exercise. Overall wellbeing can be enhanced with a holistic approach. Nutrition, sleep, stress, mobility, and attitude all pay a major role in overall well-being. Luke has an extensive nutritional knowledge and is passionate about food and will share this with YOU. However, having the ‘knowledge’ of eating and exercising correctly, and actually applying that knowledge consistently in your life are two different things. That’s where Luke comes in. He will coach you every step of the way to making YOUR goals a reality.

Problem: Exercising hard but not achieving the results you want?

Solution: Completely change how you eat and exercise differently!



If Luke says “Trust me, it works”, believe him as it really does. If you have the willpower and determination, you can feel fitter and have more energy in a short amount of time. It’s all quite simple but Luke explains the science behind the basic facts, so you feel educated into making quality food choices.You’ll feel supported along the way and as long as you’re willing to put in the effort you’ll see results quite soon. Furthermore, it’s fantastic to see the weight stay off even after the plan has finished, if you don’t go back to your old ways!”

(Rachel, age 39)

REPs - Level 3 Premier training international NASM Certified